…Five Irrefutable Reasons to Hit Up THE RAIL PUB This Weekend…


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So, Savannah’s got a ton of history and bars.

And when those two awesome powers combine, you end up with some pretty wicked times to be had making a little history of your own.

Photo courtesy of THE RAIL PUB

But there’s one downtown Savannah bar that stands apart from the rest in more ways than one . . .  like making it onto the list of the nation’s top happy hour spots, for example. Who would not want to check that out?

In the mean time, here’s five perfect reasons to add The Rail Pub to your own personal bar crawl this weekend  . . . and Monday. .  . and Tuesday . . . and – Well, you get the idea.

1. A Pleasurable, er . .  Colorful, History

The building, built between 1870 and 1890 has been many things;  a hotel, a watering hole for railroad laborers (hence the name) . . . a brothel. Yeah, that’s right, a brothel. What of it? Observant patrons might take notice of the red lantern in the old hallway, or the bright red glass in the front door. Yeah, brothel. Red Light District. You get the gist. They say the prettiest women in the whole city worked there, even if they did only come out at night.


2. It’s Haunted

Well, probably. Ghost hunters who’ve conducted investigations there have reported flickering lights and whiffs of ladies

perfume. Looks like some of those ladies of the night haven’t wanted to leave just yet. And why would they with the Rail’s . . .

3. Self-Proclaimed Comforts

While it’s true that a plethora of specials come and go, there are a few features visitors can always count on enjoying . . from 5 Dollar Forties, to the annual luau-themed birthday celebration, to the complimentary St. Patty’s Day Breakfast. And speaking of comforts . . . how could we not mention the –

4. Buy One Get One for a Dollar Happy Hour

This is literally the 7th best happy hour in the nation. It’s been made official. the free fried chicken probably has something to do with it . . .

Speciality Shot?  Mini Beer….Liquor 43 and special sauce.

5. Rail Pants

Seriously, check this out on Urban Dictionary. Seriously.

the rail 7Also . . . yes, also . . . there’s a rockin’ menu AND karaoke.

So, there you have it! You literally have no reason not to plop your bum down at this historic, watering hole landmark of a good time-place. 

Just be sure to tell ’em who sent you.